Editor and Open Source

To us, Dead Meets Lead seems like a pretty good start for a mod. It’s got a fairly feature-complete editor. It’s written in C# and is pretty easy to extend and change. Only problem so far has been that we haven’t released the source code, nor the editor.

That changes today. We’re very happy to announce that Dead Meets Lead, together with our custom game/graphics/physics/sound engine and editor, now are completely open source. We’ve also created a new installer which bundles the editor with the game, and also makes it easy to open custom maps in the game.

Download Dead Meets Lead 1.1.0 (including editor)

To get the source code: Visit us at GitHub

Two short disclaimers though; First of all, we’re not actively working on this project any more, so don’t count on updates and/or fixes. And secondly, the code is pretty much in the same state as when we released the game, we haven’t really done anything to polish or refactor it afterwards (except a small fix to get maps into a single file format).

Feel free to tweet to #dmlmod if you create some cool maps or mods!

Leaditor features

  • 3d world editor
  • Drag and drop units, props and pickups
  • Terrain editor
  • Ground texture editor
  • Scripting
  • Camera editor, which we used together with the scripting system to create cut scenes
  • Pathing editor, to control where enemies are allowed to walk
  • Localization support

Leaditor tips & tricks

  • Save often!
  • Brushes (such as terrain & ground texture brushes) can be resized with Q and W
  • The terrain brush can be heightened and lowered with E amd R
  • F1 – F7 switches between the different states of the editor (Moving, dropping, pathing, regions, splatting, heightmap and camera state)
  • Holding Z, X and/or C controls the camera, scrolling the mouse wheel zooms in and out
  • Holding S scales an object, R rotates it E elevates it
  • Press the Delete key to remove an object
  • In the drop mode, you can select multiple entities from the list to randomize between them. Very useful for building forests.
Posted on October 25th, 2012