Dead Meets Lead Released

This is a big moment for all of us, we are very proud to announce the…

After over nine months of hard work with direct development, and nearly three years of working on our game engine, we at Keldyn Interactive today officially launch our very first title; Dead Meets Lead. What started off as a group of students who liked playing and writing games have now evolved into a company, and our tinkering have evolved into a proper product. Our hopes are that this product will engage and entertain loads and loads of zombie fans out there, the way it has engaged and entertained us since day one of development.

To get started slashing away, pick up a copy for €13.95 at our webstore, Direct2Drive, GamersGate, Impulse or Desura. For those who prefer to wait for special offers we also supply a newsletter; click here to sign up (don’t forget to check the special offers box).

Not only do we release the game today; for those of you who aren’t already devoted DML followers we’ve also crafted a launch trailer which will hopefully get you in the mood for some zombie slaughter. Just click play below and behold the power of the Blaster, the Sword and the person wielding these deadly weapons; the Captain himself.

Still not convinced Dead Meets Lead is something for you? Go download the demo version: The Challenge. Although this version is even harder than the rest of the game (it isn’t called The Challenge for nothing!) it’ll give you a fair idea of what DML is all about.

Click here to get your hands on the full press release.

Additional press resources (including press kit)

While we we’re at it we also update to a new forum software; check it out at the community section. All accounts have been removed unfortunately but it’s quick and easy to re-register.

Download high res version of the release trailer

Posted on May 3rd, 2011