Dead Meets Lead wins Game of the year, Swedish game awards

Wow, the past few days have been intense for us at Keldyn! Last week we went to Stockholm to partake in Swedish game awards and to display the game at the official SGA exhibition in the Central station, Stockholm. The exhibition lasted about nine hours, and after that all of us (SGA nominees, sponsors, exhibitors…) went to Berns saloons for the dinner and price ceremony. Our competitors we’re really cool games too (Unmechanical and Hero Battle Arena), so we weren’t really sure whether we would win or not at this point. As the price ceremony progressed we got more and more nervous; the Game of the year award was the last one. And from that point I’m sure you can all imagine what we felt when they announced that Dead Meets Lead is this years winner of Game of the year, Swedish game awards! A big thanks to everybody that supported us with the development, to SGA and to all the other participants for making it a day to remember!

Kedyn Interactive just as we receive the trophy and check. From left to right: Patrik Sjölin, Fredrik Norén, Magnus Norén, Joakim Carlsson

The motivation from jury was:

Fun & frantic gameplay, fantastic polish and a setting we see all too seldom – this click-fest of a game was the clear winner in the eyes of the jury. Dead Meets Lead, is much more than good game in a pretty package, it’s the beginning of a franchise.


The SGA Game of the year trophy!

Posted on June 6th, 2011