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Editor and Open Source

To us, Dead Meets Lead seems like a pretty good start for a mod. It’s got a fairly feature-complete editor. It’s written in C# and is pretty easy to extend and change. Only problem so far has been that we haven’t released the source code, nor the editor.

That changes today. We’re very happy to announce that Dead Meets Lead, together with our custom game/graphics/physics/sound engine and editor, now are completely open source. We’ve also created a new installer which bundles the editor with the game, and also makes it easy to open custom maps in the game.

Download Dead Meets Lead 1.1.0 (including editor)

To get the source code: Visit us at GitHub

Two short disclaimers though; First of all, we’re not actively working on this project any more, so don’t count on updates and/or fixes. And secondly, the code is pretty much in the same state as when we released the game, we haven’t really done anything to polish or refactor it afterwards (except a small fix to get maps into a single file format).

Feel free to tweet to #dmlmod if you create some cool maps or mods!

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Posted on October 25th, 2012
Going Freeware

We’ve had a great time with Dead Meets Lead, but since we’re shutting down operations (or rather, they’ve been down for a while now) we’d like to do one last thing for the community. Starting from today, we’re making Dead Meets Lead a freeware so that those who haven’t tried the game yet get a chance to play it too. Everyone is free to download and play the game, just use the product key below and go to the download section to get your copy. Hope you’ll have a good time with the Captain and his adventures!


Go to the download page

Happy gaming!

/The Team at Keldyn Interactive

Posted on January 1st, 2012
Dead Meets Lead Post-mortem

(First off; I know it’s been a while since we last posted anything, sorry for that.)

Welcome to the official post-mortem of Dead Meets Lead! In this post-mortem, I will try to convey the adventure of DML from ours, the developers, perspective. I will go through topics such as; developing a DIY game, 80,000 pirates, mixed responses and choosing a business model.

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Posted on October 20th, 2011
Dead Meets Lead wins Game of the year, Swedish game awards

Wow, the past few days have been intense for us at Keldyn! Last week we went to Stockholm to partake in Swedish game awards and to display the game at the official SGA exhibition in the Central station, Stockholm. The exhibition lasted about nine hours, and after that all of us (SGA nominees, sponsors, exhibitors…) went to Berns saloons for the dinner and price ceremony. Our competitors we’re really cool games too (Unmechanical and Hero Battle Arena), so we weren’t really sure whether we would win or not at this point. As the price ceremony progressed we got more and more nervous; the Game of the year award was the last one. And from that point I’m sure you can all imagine what we felt when they announced that Dead Meets Lead is this years winner of Game of the year, Swedish game awards! A big thanks to everybody that supported us with the development, to SGA and to all the other participants for making it a day to remember!

Kedyn Interactive just as we receive the trophy and check. From left to right: Patrik Sjölin, Fredrik Norén, Magnus Norén, Joakim Carlsson

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Posted on June 6th, 2011
Dead Meets Lead Nominated to Game of the year, SGA

We’re going to Stockholm! Dead Meets Lead has been nominated to Game of the year at Swedish game awards, the largest official game development competition in Sweden. The price ceremony is held in Stockholm on June 3, so make sure you keep your fingers crossed for DML on that day! The other two nominees are Hero Battle Arena and Unmechanical, which both seem like really cool games, so we’re in for some tough competition :) May the best game win! Click here for more info.

Posted on May 16th, 2011
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